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Yushu Quake: Areas affected

Maps of areas effected

GoogleEarth map 1 shows the initial quake and several aftershocks that occurred throughout the day, Wednesday. The first quake occurred at 5:40 am, followed by a 6.9 quake two hours later approximately 29 miles northwest of Yushu Town.
GoogleEarth map 2 shows a westward view from Yushu Town to the seven earthquake sites. Times, depths, and magnitudes of each event are available from the U.S. Geological Survey at

How to help

The Yushu Prefecture government has requested aid from Plateau Perspectives in the form of medical personnel, medical supplies, and temporary shelters (ie tents and blankets). We are sending an advance medical team to Yushu in about 4 hours to assess the situation, provide emergency care, and set up a base of operations for medical outreach and supply delivery. Additional supplies and medical teams will be sent shortly thereafter. There is already a solid network of medical personnel in China prepared to depart for Yushu, and gifts of cash are the easiest and quickest way that you can help out. Gifts of supplies are more difficult and time consuming to receive, and most supplies needed can be bought in the provincial capital, Xining.

For Canada/UK donations that need tax deductable receipts, please visit

To raise awareness for the needs that exist in these areas and the efforts of Plateau Perspectives and Yushu Earthquake Relief, please consider changing your FACEBOOK picture or your TWITTER profile picture to one of the images below.

Yushu Earthquake Relief