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Plateau Perspectives//Yushu Quake Relief

Plateau Perspectives is an international non-profit organization that aims to promote conservation and sustainable development in the Tibetan Plateau region of China. Plateau Perspectives has worked over the past twelve years to improve community health, basic education, and environmental protection throughout the Tibetan Plateau. These efforts have resulted in the construction of more than a dozen medical clinics, the training of nearly two hundred village doctors, the construction of two village schools, and participatory conservation with Tibetan herding communities of many endangered wildlife species such as snow leopard in one of the world’s largest and remotest nature reserves.

Our work is built entirely upon relationships with local communities while maintaining strong partnerships with county, prefectural, and provincial governments. Due to these relationships, Plateau Perspectives is often called upon in times of disaster to provide relief efforts in coordination with the government response.

Yushu Earthquake Relief is an initiative spearheaded by Plateau Perspectives in order to mobilize international support for earthquake relief in Yushu and the surrounding affected areas. Plateau Perspectives will continue to operate on the same foundation of strong community and government partnerships that have allowed us to work in the area for over a decade. Our past relief efforts have been effective, rapid, and in full cooperation with the local and regional governments. It is on the foundation of these relationships that we are able to effectively assist the people of Yushu during this devastating time.

See Plateau Perspectives for further information about the region in which we work as well as our past and current project projects.

Contact info[at]plateauperspectives.org

**Plateau Perspectives is a registered charity in Canada (no. 88353 511 RR0001), and it also has a permanent office in Qinghai Province, Peoples Republic of China (no. 78144734-9)

If you are interested in giving to our current needs with Yushu Earthquake Relief needs, please view the payment options below.  For more information on Yushu Earthquake Relief and our further efforts to help the people of Yushu, please click here

Canada Donations UK Donations

All donations are tax deductible in Canada. In UK, Plateau Perspectives will receive an additional 28% support from the government.

Corporate Sponsorships

Plateau Perspectives and Yushu Earthquake Relief have been fortunate to receive valuable corporate funding and sponsorship from the following corporations as well as significant personal giving through PayPal.

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